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  • Aug 18

    New Student Discount Offer!

    We are pleased to now be offering 15% student discount off your first waxing or beauty treatment with us at our boutique salon in Beeston, Nottingham. This offer is for full time students with a valid student NUS card when you mention the offer when booking. You will then receive another 15% discount on your next visit if you return within six weeks! after that you get 10% off any further treatments as usual, and  15% off your sixth treatment when you have one of our loyalty cards. Please mention this offer when booking your first treatment, thankyou :-) If you are walking fom the Uni West Entrance then walk along Broadgate to the High street, past all the shops and you will see Greggs on your left, cross over the main rd and into the square, go past HSBC on your right and Argos on your left, walk past the church and we are on the next right hand corner.

    Bodyworks Salon

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  • Mar 31

    Spray Tans for Special Occasions

    Adding a stunning touch of colour to your skin can make you feel fab. It’s a great way of enhancing your mood and boosting your confidence for a special occasion. Booking a tanning session with one of our dedicated spray tan therapists will leave you feeling radiant, sophisticated and stunning.

    Spray Tanning Nottingham

    There are a wide range of events where a spray tan could make you feel  better or it could be just the boost you need to feel confident and ready to go. We provide spray tanning for a wide range of customers for different events. Some of the most common events include weddings, graduations, proms, holidays or just a night out!

    A gentle spray tan will have the positive effect of hiding any skin blemishes and ensuring your skin has a flawless base that looks simply stunning whatever outfit you choose to wear. Whether you’re planning a strapless gown for your graduation ball or a mini dress for your work night out, it will be finished off perfectly with your tan.

    Adding a hint of colour can also enhance your best features, making those pins look longer and arms looked toned – it’s guaranteed to deliver body confidence you didn’t know you had!

    Pre-Party Prep Fun

    Pre-party preparation is part of the overall experience and sometimes the best bit of the whole special event. Treating yourself and even your friends to a spray tan the day before the event means you can dedicate even more pre-party time to relaxing, chatting and perfecting your outfit without having to worry about the dreaded orange stains that DIY fake tan leaves!

    Pop on your dress, style your hair and simply moisturise your skin to ensure the colour is as radiant as it can be.

    Spray Tanning at Bodyworks

    At Bodyworks boutique beauty salon we offer a range of different branded tanning solutions. We’re proud to currently offer Fake Bake, St Tropez and LDN:SKINS Couture spray tans.

    Our tans are quick to apply and only carried out by our trained professional team. Your tan will develop consistently over 8 to 16 hours and you can be assured of a natural flawless tan which covers your entire body completely. Our beauty therapists can also advise as to which tan is best for you whether you’re looking for a natural golden tan or a darker longer lasting look. Each of our tans can last up to 10 days but for the best results for your special occasion we recommend booking just a day or so before – you want to look your best of course!

    Whether you’ve got a holiday coming up, a wedding to attend or it’s a special anniversary or event you can ensure you look and feel your best with a professional spray tan.

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  • Mar 14

    Amazing Aromatherapy

    The history of this ancient therapy and our modern treatments

    Aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of years and it’s a holistic treatment that can be used for medical issues as well as simply relaxing and reinvigorating the body. There are many benefits to an aromatherapy massage and at Bodyworks Boutique Beauty Salon our aromatherapy treatments take you on a journey of relaxation and sensation.

    History of Aromatherapy

    The first recorded use of aromatherapy has been traced back to around 3,500 BC. It was used by the ancient Egyptians who burned incenses from aromatic woods, spices and herbs. It had a spiritual connection at this time and aromatics were closely linked with mysticism and religion. Of course modern day aromatherapy is more about the holistic benefits for your body but this was the base on which the modern treatments were founded.

    Benefits of Aromatherapy

    There are many benefits to aromatherapy including:

    • Enhancement and improvement of your general wellbeing and health
    • Increased vitality
    • Improvement in skin quality and texture
    • Relieving stress
    • Eliminates toxins from the skin
    • Relieving muscular tension and warming your muscles

    Aromatic Declèor Body Massage

    At Bodyworks Boutique Beauty we offer aromatherapy through aromatic Declèor body massage. Declèor is a leading beauty brand who have brought together over 40 years’ experience to develop their luxurious Aromessence™ serums and balms. The principles of aromatherapy are offered through each massage and our therapists set a relaxing, soothing scene.

    Each of the Declèor body massages offered in our salon take you on a sensory journey and utilise aromatic essential oils in a balm form. We offer four different balms which have their own properties and one of which is bound to be perfect for you:

    Aromessence™ Relax Balm

    Infused with the essential oils of lavender, sandalwood and neroli. Together they create a sensation of harmony and relaxation.

    Aromessence™ Flow Balm

    Infused with the essentials oils of lemon, angelica and cypress. They work together to aid circulation and create a relaxing sensation of lightness.

    Aromessence™ Detox Balm

    Infused with the essential oils of rosemary, geranium and patchouli. This is the best combination for eliminating all those toxins and chemicals from your skin.

    Aromessence™ Tonic Balm

    Infused with the essential oils of lemon grass, mint and rosemary. These oils work together to help restore firmness and tone to the body.

    Your body will thank you if you book in for a relaxing, detoxifying massage with our dedicated team and you’ll feel the benefits immediately.

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  • Mar 3

    Spotlight on Electrolysis

    How Electrolysis works for Permanent Hair Removal

    At Bodyworks Boutique Beauty Salon we offer an innovative yet safe and proven permanent hair removal treatment. Electrolysis is the oldest and only proven form of permanent hair removal, it is becoming more popular again as it is suitable for people with all hair and skin colours unlike laser/IPL. It is carried out in our welcoming salon by our trained and registered therapists. What exactly is electrolysis though and how do you know whether it’s for you? Here we’re looking at it in more depth.

    How does Electrolysis Work?

    Electrolysis treats each of your hair follicles individually with an extremely fine, disposable needle. Each of the needles used are sterile and  permanently destroy the hair follicle’s ability to reproduce by thermolysis(heat) if the hair is in the growing stage. This means hair stops growing completely over a course of treatment as you eventually catch each hair in the correct stage of growth ie; anagen. Your expert therapist will explain this in more depth when you come for your consultation and first treatment.

    Unlike laser/IPL, electrolysis can be used to treat all skin and hair types and whilst laser/IPL is described as only hair reduction electrolysis provides permanent hair removal. A full course of electrolysis will be needed to ensure complete removal but you really can achieve completely smooth, hairless skin. We have many clients who have achieved these results!

    Which areas can electrolysis treat?

    The only areas which are definite no go are the inner nose and ear, and eyebrows are usually too delicate. Electrolysis is most effective for smaller areas such as the face, tummy or nipples. We wouldn’t recommend electrolysis for larger areas such as legs or bikini as it just isnt practical and would take hours at each session.

    Does it hurt?

    Many clients worry that any beauty procedure may hurt. It’s hard to say with anything as everybody is different but most people describe electrolysis as a gentle warming sensation or heat, which can be a little uncomfortable but not painful. This heat sensation of course varies across the body and our qualified therapists are happy to go at a pace you can handle to ensure the lowest levels of discomfort, we use a special cooling roller to cool the skin as we do the treatment.

    How many treatments do I need?

    The number of treatments you need is completely dependent your hair growth. It will also be dependent on any hormonal changes you might be going through or conditions such as polycystic ovaries. This will be explained to you during the consultation. We offer sessions from 5 to 30 minutes and you will need a number of these to complete the process. Once you’ve had your initial appointment and session we should be able to give you some idea of how long the treatment may take in the end. We also offer the great offer of a free sixth treatment when you pay for five.

    It often takes a number of weeks and sometimes up to a year to see a marked improvement but electrolysis does deliver results and as we treat an individual area the treatment becomes more effective so your sessions will be able to become shorter as the hairs become sparser and finer as we deliver results.

    Electrolysis at Bodyworks Boutique Beauty is cost effective and proven. Our highly qualified and welcoming therapists are just waiting for your call. 0115 917 8887.

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  • Feb 28

    Pamper Your Mum


    Our Top Treatments for Spoiling your Mum this Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is on 30 th March this year and giving your mum the special day she deserves is a wonderful way of showing her just how much she means to you. At Bodyworks Boutique Beauty Salon we have a wide range of treatments which will ensure your mum feels perfectly pampered for her special day.

    Whether you’re spoiling your mum, the mother of your kids or a mum-to-be there’s a treatment available to you. Below we’re looking at some of our wonderful treatments to make this Mother’s Day special.


    We have a wide range of different facial treatments, carried out by our trained professional therapists. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind whilst also giving your skin some serious nourishment. It’s a perfect revitalising treat for mum.

    Our Aromaplastie facial is sixty minutes of relaxation and pleasure. Suitable for all skin types it promotes absorption of essential vitamins and removes toxins from the skin. You can trade up for The Essentially Yours Aromatic Facial and enjoy the above features with the additional creamy face mask tailored to yours, or your mum’s, individual skin type. Or how about a Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion for mum? a deep exfoliation facial that makes your skin feel like velvet.

    Top up any of our facials with a luxury finishing touch such as a head or foot massage, a steam & blackhead extraction or a relaxing Shiatsu pressure point eye massage and calming/hydrating eye mask.

    Hot Stone Massage

    A Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate luxury treatment for your mum. You could treat her to a back, full body or full body and face massage and give her the chance to truly relax into her experience.

    Massage using hot stones allows the body’s muscles to completely relax and any pain and discomfort within the muscles is drawn out. Your body’s physical and emotional balance is realigned and the whole body is rejuvenated by the experience. It’s just the ticket for hard working mums who need a bit of a break! Ask to book in with Chloe who specialises in hot stones.

    Cozmetic Lab Mineral Makeup Lesson

    If your mum loves her makeup then give her the chance to learn from the experts. Our talented makeup artist Holly is highly trained and utilises her creative, specialist skills to give 60 minute lessons, showing mum exactly how to perfect her look.

    Cozemetic Lab Mineral Makeup is our weapon of choice and it’s chosen because it’s completely free from oils, fragrances, chemicals or synthetics. Once applied your skin feels fresh and natural despite being made up perfectly. When removed your skin still feels great too.


    If you’re hoping to treat a friend or relative who is soon to be a mum for Mother’s Day then make it special with Bodyworks Boutique Beauty salon. We offer a specialised pregnancy back massage to allow mum-to-be to relax and enjoy the soothing benefits of massage.

    Utilising only a high quality blended lavender oil, safe for pregnancy, mum-to-be can relax into our massage cradle and enjoy her full back and neck massage in comfort.

    Mother’s Day is your chance to show your mum how special she is and we think our treatments are a great way to do it! We are offering 10% DISCOUNT for anyone who mentions the mothers day offer when booking their treatments. GIFT VOUCHERS are the ideal mothers day gift, give us a call with your card details and we will post them out to either you or your mum with NO POSTAGE CHARGE. Available for any specific treatment/s or a certain amount.

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